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The Rio Happy Story!

Rio is nearly the perfect dog. She brings joy to everyone she sees. Unfortunately, she has very sensitive skin and bathing has been a problem. Regular dog shampoos leave her itchy and irritated (even those labeled "organic"). She developed tear stains and hated visiting the groomer. That's when I developed Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo.




Every ingredient for Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo was researched and selected for its beneficial properties. We use only the highest quality oils, essential oils and flower absolutes. Many shampoos on the market claim to be organic and natural, but contain harmful fragrance oils, and preservatives. Every Ingredient in our product is naturally occurring in nature. In fact, some ingredients are grown in our backyard. Numerous owners report excellent results with our products. Make your dog Rio Happy with Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo today!

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