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Laura Asa Flores - Fine Artist 

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Laura Flores is an oil painter who challenges the conventional, bridging metaphysical threads into tangible visual experiences. Born from dreams and visions, Laura’s work captures the dance between imagination and reality.

As an artist navigating the human experience, Laura explores the paradox of change and constancy. Paint on canvas explores the subtle metamorphosis that surrounds us, illustrating the interplay between evolution and the long-standing elements that ground us.  Laura examines how external shifts influence our lives, exploring what remains unaltered in the core of our being.

Laura begins the process of creating her work by exploring subject matter through research and observation.  Each painting is created 100 times in her mind’s eye and through sketches before the brush meets the canvas.  With the premeditated work in mind Laura begins with an under painting where colors, design and placement are explored.  As the painting comes to life, she often layers color, refines shape and manipulates the design until the painting is complete. 

Ultimately, her artistic journey is an invitation—an invitation to meditate upon the transient nature of existence, to explore the spaces where art and introspection converge, and to discover the beauty that emerges when the mind, the brush, and the canvas engage in a sacred dance of creation.


Laura weaves a life story that is intricate and diverse. As a single mother of two, she found solace and strength in the world of art, a passion that has been a guiding force since her youth.

From an early age, Laura discovered the joy of art-making, a love that blossomed and evolved through both formal and informal study. This journey led her to embrace the role of an art teacher, where she not only imparted technical skills but nurtured the innate creativity within her students.

Inspired by the unique perspective of her neurodivergent daughter, Laura delved into the realm of educational diagnostics, studying how people think differently and seeking to create inclusive spaces within the educational landscape. The roles of parent, teacher, artist and educational diagnostician, have deeply influenced her artistic practice, infusing it with a profound understanding of the diversity of human cognition and perspective.

Laura’s work invites the viewer to participate in the ever-expanding realm of human consciousness.  Art, to her, is a practice of self-exploration, meditation and meaning. Through her artistic expression she inspires others to explore their own creativity.

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