Hotel California

After fighting LA traffic we found the winding road to our Airbnb. We're staying in the pool house of a lovely estate. The gardens and view are magnificent!

My cousin Danny told me that 25 years ago someone thought having a couple peafoul would be a good idea.. They originated in Portuguese Bay and are currently all over the neighborhood calling to each other from the tree tops. It was common to see them in driveways or in the street. There must be more than a100 of them around the city of Rancho Palos Verdes.

After breakfast we took a hike along Point Vincent.

For lunch we had a wonderful time visiting cousins Danny and his family Victoria and Catie along with cousin David.

For dinner we met cousin Steve and Oksana in Seal Beach. As an additional bonus I was able to pick up two more mermaids for my collection from my favorite trinket store along the main Street.

Who would have thought you could be on a beach in Los Angeles without people. Ron found a hiking path attached to the Trump Golf course that went down to the beach. My legs are not used to up and down, but it was well worth the view.

As a reward we stopped at one of Ron's favorite spots, the Belmont Brewing Co. and met Ron's brother-in-law for lunch. Their family tradition is to send flip off pictures to other family members....I just go with it.

Ron has spent the end of many travel days in LA at El Segundo Brewing Co. so for Old times sake we took the drive from Long Beach to El Segundo.

This morning we bid Los Angeles good bye. I had an epiphany; if ever I thought it would be cool to have some peafoul because of their beauty I was sorely mistaken.

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