Second stop, Scottsdale, AZ or highway to hell!

We are ready to complain to Google maps. Our trip map said 9 hours and it took 11! I know what you're thinking and no, there were no brewery stops!

Finally, we arrived in Scottsdale at about 3pm AZ time (5pm our time). We left Marfa at around 6:30am.

Just so you know...there's not much to see from Marfa to Scottsdale, so we started listening to a book called the Trogen Odyssey by Clive Cussler. It's pretty good so far.

Alex (Laura 's son) met us for a pizza dinner. The pizza and company were both great! There's not much to do during summer days in Arizona, except visiting a brewery..surprise! We had lunch at O.S.H.A. brewery. Ron and Alex enjoyed the beers. Rio and I enjoyed the cheese board 😋.

After a lazy afternoon we walked over to the local ice cream joint. It's name is Dessert in Desert. Yummy. Their signature cone is in the shape of a fish.

Later we introduced Alex to one of Ron's favorite movies, Blazing Saddles. What a difference a couple decades make. Even though the movie is a satire of old westerns and the racism that existed in the 70's no one would think of being so overt with non PC comments nowadays....well I take that back...I can think of several occasions in recent history where people have been publicly criticized using racial comments, but that's another topic.

During the movie there was a showdown in the apartment. Alex's cats tried to figure out the strange creature who invaded their domain.

We left early this morning for our journey across the Sonora Desert in search of cooler weather and a chance to visit our family in Los Angeles.

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