The Pinch Hit.

After filling all our water bottles at the magical headwaters of the Sacramento River we headed north towards Alaska...not really, just Oregon.

We were saddened to see our Mt Shasta burning.

We arrived at our hotel in Depoe Bay. The pickin's were slim when traveling to a beach town at the last minute with a dog. We secured a spot at the Travel Lodge Depoe Bay. We have nick named this place the "No'Mo, tel". I don't think the manager understands the meaning of hospitality. The place is plastered with signs of don't do this, or don't do that. Upon check in he proceeded to tell us all the things they do not offer. I don't think in all my years I've been at a place so unwelcoming to guests. It makes me wonder why people choose professions that make them miserable. Well, I guess I could say the same about myself at various junctures.

Nevertheless, we have had some wonderful hikes so far.

Our first hike, was the Drift Creek Falls. We weren't sure if we were going the right way because mostly the road was one lane, paved winding through the forest. The alternating bright sunshine mixed with the shade from the trees made every turn a potential disaster from oncoming traffic. Fortunately, we made it with only a case of white knuckles. The hike was well worth it ending with a suspension bridge and a beautiful waterfall.

Our next hike was to God's thumb. My legs could have used a bit more light hiking before this 6 mile journey up and down the hills to the coast. Every part of this hike was beautiful. The path was so well manicured it looked like a movie set. The breeze whistling through the trees accompanied by the singing birds rivaled any concert I've ever heard. We ate lunch on a meadow atop the hill over looking the thumb with sweeping views of the coastline.

We took a drive to Cape Perpetua, (one of our favorite spots on the Oregon coast). The seaside was cold and windy so we hiked a trail called The Oregon Coast Trail. This short section was 1 1/2 miles and gave us peekaboo views of the Cape coast from the equivalent of 10 to 20 stories high. Rio enjoyed walking with us and we had a pooped pup by the end of the day.

Later that afternoon we stopped at the Beachcrest Brewery and were treated to a jazz duo from some local artists. They are part of a retirement community and we met many of their fans giving us a glimpse of life 15 to 20 years from now.

We spent the next afternoon at Cascade Head Preserve. The trail said closed due to COVID, but the locals assured us the the governor had declared the State of Oregon open! This was yet another wonderful hike. There were stairs and bridges to make passage easier. I found this plague as a memorial to some great doctors who also love this trail.

We passed what we estimated as two to three hundred year old trees. Look at the size of this one!

We broke out of the forest to sweeping views of the ocean. The trail was less traveled as we only ran into three groups of fellow hikers. One, was a newly wed couple from Bend, Oregon. When I asked about the wildlifes in Bend, the husband said yes, we've only been married 4 weeks (haha). Oh, did I mention they were 72 and 77? What a cute and joyful couple!

We saw some elk on the way back to the highway and ended the afternoon with a beer at the park across the street where we watched a mother and baby whale feeding in the bay.

We decided to repeat our favorites trails; Coastal Highway Trail and God's thumb trail. It doesn't matter that you know the trail, it's so beautiful you don't mind traveling them over and over again.

We bid the little port town of Depoe Bay good-bye and are headed north to the Columbia Gorge for a few days before heading up to Washington State.

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