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Does your Tear Stain Remover contain antibiotics?

Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo does not contain antibiotics because they can be harmful to dogs and are not approved by the FDA! Most tear stain removing products contain an antibiotic called Tylosin Tartrate. Use of this medicine is not approved for dogs and can cause some harmful side effects such as gastric, surface and ear infections. Other side effects include Colitis and excessive flatulence.

Why would you want to put your dog at risk with these products when there is a natural alternative? Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo safely and effectively removes tear stains naturally! No harsh, unreadable chemical combinations. Everything we use can be found in nature. Most of it you can find in your kitchen. Try some Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo today and notice the difference with your Happy, Healthy, Great Smelling Dog!

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