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Your dog shampoo may put your dog at risk for cancer! Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo doesn't.

According to Dr. Patrick Mahaney from his article on PetMD, many shampoos contain a cancer causing agent. In his article, he states,

"The carcinogenic compound contained within Episoothe and other Virbac shampoos (Allergroom, Sebolux, Allermyl, and Etiderm) is Diethlanolamine (DEA). According to a press release from Virbac, “Diethanolamine is a naturally occurring fatty acid derived from plants. It has been used for decades as an agent to boost foaming, stability, and add viscosity to hundreds of shampoo, cosmetic, and consumer products.” In 2012, DEA was included in California’s list of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity.

Why take a chance? Rio Happy Organic Dog Shampoo uses only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, no dyes, fragrance oils, or harsh chemicals. It leaves your dog happy, great smelling and gets rid of tear stains naturally!

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