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Can't understand the ingredients in your dog's shampoo? Try ours!

Have you really looked at the label of your dog shampoo? Even those labeled "organic" can have up to 30% chemicals minus the water and salt and still be considered organic! Don't worry! Rio Happy Products have ingredients that you can understand. We use only the finest Organic Ingredients to make our dog shampoos and fragrance them with Essential Oils and Flower Absolutes. Even our preservatives are made from organic rosemary. That's why they work so well. You never have to worry about hidden ingredients that will

harm your furry friend.

So, why are so many "natural" and "organic" shampoos loaded with chemicals you can't pronounce? "It's innocent until proven guilty for chemicals in consumer products," said Julia Brody, executive director of Silent Spring Institute, a non-profit group that researches the links between exposure to chemicals in everyday products and breast cancer. Brody is referring to a system where regulatory action typically follows consumer complaints. "A lot of consumers go to the store with the assumption if it's on the shelf, that it's been tested for safety," she said

Many companies take short-cuts to give the appearance of natural and organic ingredients, but use ingredients known to be harmful to both humans and animals. Synthetic chemical compounds are cheap and easy to create. Some shampoos are loaded with preservatives and colorants. One common preservative found in shampoos contains formaldehyde! Why risk your dog's health? Get some Rio Happy or Rio Grande Organic Dog Shampoo today


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